Yellowstone National Park – Here We Come!

Posted by on Nov 8, 2012

Celebrating our finally being there! At the historic North Gate to Yellowstone National Park

Celebrating our finally being there! At the historic North Gate to Yellowstone National Park

Going to Yellowstone and where we stayed.

For years, ever since she moved to Colorado five years ago, my friend Chris and I have been talking about going to Yellowstone. Finally in June, I told her this was the year. She still didn’t believe me until one day in August I called her up and said “I’m booking airfares to Bozeman today”.

“You mean we’re really doing it?”

“Yep!” I replied.

So October 19, 2012 Randy and I got up at the crack of dawn, got a taxi to the airport and took off. I won’t bore you with all the details but our journey included flying to Denver, a three hour layover, then flying to Bozeman where we picked up our rental car (a large 4×4 SUV so we would be ready for snowy roads and with big windows for shooting out of) and lastly we headed for Gardiner where we were staying for the week.

The Yellowstone Gateway Inn

This post is going to be about the place we stayed, the Yellowstone Gateway Inn, because it was really nice! I found the inn on Tripadvisor, where it had great reviews and I really liked the fact that we could get a room with a full kitchen and a separate bedroom so the three of us wouldn’t have to sleep in one room (which we will do if necessary). Turns out since it was off season they gave us a great deal on a two-bedroom suite which was just like an apartment! The kitchen was full size with a dishwasher and plenty of cabinet space and all the cooking gadgets needed. The only thing we couldn’t find was measuring cups and when we asked the management found some and brought them over (the management was like that, all we had to do is ask and we got whatever we needed). Chris went shopping and brought all the food with her (she was driving from Colorado). There was a grocery store across the street for some things we all forgot or ran out of (wine).

Since we would be out in the park until after dark we cooked our dinners the night before sticking to things that could be heated up easily like spaghetti, soup, stew, chili and added salads and veggies as desired. And everything we cooked we ate for two nights, cutting down on time spent cooking and increasing time spent at the park. One night Chris made brownies, which was a treat! As mentioned before the grocery store was across the street, you could walk to restaurants if you wanted to eat out and there was a nice BBQ area available for guests to use if they wanted. The inn also has a laundry room which guests can use.

The rooms were good sized, ours had a king bed and Chris’s room had a queen. The rooms had desks in them with plenty of power outlets, a big dresser and good sized closet. The living room had a big flat screen television (a smaller one in our bedroom), two couches, a coat rack and a place to sit and take off your snow boots and even a tray to put them in. All of the furnishings were really nice, more like what one would have in our homes and not like your average motel. The suite was very clean and the heater worked well which is important when the temperature is down around 0°. The bathroom was beautifully tiled, had almost instant hot water and a fan and heater. There were also plenty of towels. It was really nice and we were very comfortable there!

Thank you Yellowstone Gateway Inn!

We had an emergency on our last day and the staff went out of their way to help and I really want to thank them for that and for providing such a great place for us to stay while we were visiting Yellowstone. I really recommend the Yellowstone Gateway Inn, 103 Bigelow Lane, Gardiner, MT. 406-848-7100.

Leaving Yellowstone National Park

Leaving Yellowstone National Park, as the saying goes “We’ll be back!”

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