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A Whirlwind Visit to Maui, Hawaii

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013

Randy and Kathy on the edge of a waterfall flowing into an emerald green jungle pool.

Randy and Kathy on the edge of a waterfall flowing into an emerald green jungle pool.

My first time to, and impression of, Hawaii

As mentioned previously Randy and I went on a “free” trip to Hawaii. It turned out to be not so free but that’s ok, we went and we had a good time. It was my first time to Hawaii so I was really looking forward to the trip. For a long time I had listened to people talking about how wonderful Hawaii was; the blue ocean, the white (and black) sand beaches, surfers hanging out in the waves, waterfalls and volcanos. All of it sounded so exciting! So when we got there it was late and we walked to a very modern American mall to find some dinner. Then the next day we picked up our rental car and started exploring. I must admit, I was a little disappointed. It seemed just like home. We were in a town with the same stores (even a Costco) and the same gas stations and restaurants. Where was the romantic tropical paradise I was expecting?

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Visiting and Photographing Yellowstone National Park

Posted by on Jan 3, 2013

Yellowstone National Park

In 1872 the United States established the first national park in the world, Yellowstone National Park. The main reason for the park’s establishment was to protect and preserve the geysers. But the area was also home to an incredible array of wildlife including grizzly bears, bison, elk and wolves. Unfortunately those wolves eventually vanished and by the 1970s, there was no evidence of a wolf population in Yellowstone. In 1995 66 wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone, coming from grey wolf populations in Alberta, Canada. This was highly controversial, and still is. Photographing those wolves was instrumental in our desire to visit Yellowstone.


Randy, Kathy and Chris at Yellowstone's North Gate

Randy, Kathy and Chris at Yellowstone’s North Gate

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Yosemite People Photos

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012

Instead of writing more about Yosemite (which I have covered before in this blog), I am just going to post some images from our most recent trip to Yosemite. This time I concentrated on trying to get images of the people in Yosemite, the tourists, the employees, my friends. This was really fun although I think I need to practice my people picture taking!

Enjoy, Kathy

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