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Non-diver? Don’t worry, Bonaire has lots of fun non-diving activities!

Posted by on Oct 16, 2011

Enjoying Lac Bai.
Enjoying our jaunt to beautiful Lac Bai.


In 2008 Randy and I went to Bonaire with another couple, one of whom wasn’t a diver. This is a pretty common situation where a dive group or couple has a member that isn’t a diver or maybe isn’t as avid a diver as the rest. Sometimes that person may be happy sitting by the pool or the beach reading a book but not always. Because we had a non-diver in our group on that trip we ended up doing a lot of non-dive related land-based activities. Bonaire is a small island. It takes less than one day to drive all the way around Bonaire. But there are a surprising amount of non-diving activities for such a small island. This blog features some of the fun land-based activities on Bonaire.

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Monterey dive ends in a burst of bubbles!

Posted by on Aug 25, 2011

The day started out so nicely. It was the NCUPS quarterly dive at Wharf II and there were about twelve of us participating including spotters (required by the harbormaster when diving under the wharf). It was foggy as usual as we were suiting up to dive and there was almost no surf as we entered the water and swam out to the dive site.

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Underwater Photography, Large Camera Systems and Arm Strain

Posted by on Jun 17, 2011

Underwater with my camera in Macro mode. Good thing I don’t model often.
Photo by Randy Herz.
One thing I had problems with on our dive/underwater photography trip to Komodo was right-sided wrist, arm and shoulder strain. I’m shooting a Nikon D300 underwater in a Sea&Sea housing, both macro (60 mm lens) and wide-angle (16 mm fisheye). After a few dives in Monterey prior to our trip I realized that this system was considerably more negative than my old D70 system and bought some floats for my arms.
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Indo Siren, Komodo Dive Liveaboard

Posted by on Jun 4, 2011

Randy waves from the deck of the Indo Siren.

We went to Komodo with Worldwide Dive & Sail on board the Indo Siren. Our trip was only the third sailing of the Indo Siren. She is all fresh polished wood and shiny white paint with blue sails and canvas trim. There are three decks; the lower deck with passenger cabins(also kitchen, laundry, crew quarters etc.); the middle deck with salon, dive deck, and dining area; and the top sun deck (where there is no shade). 😉
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