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Destructive Blast Fishing Seen in Komodo National Park

Posted by on Aug 12, 2011

Cannibal Rock isĀ one of the more famous dive sites in Komodo National Marine Park. Cannibal Rock is a pinnacle in a channel between Rinca island and a smaller island, Nusa Kode. The reef and marine life at this site are diverse and abundant and this site is considered by those who dive there as one of the best dive sites anywhere.

Reef on the healthy side of Cannibal Rock.

Unfortunately that was not completely true in our case.

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Posted by on May 22, 2011

One word for Komodo diving and the Indo Siren…AMAZING!
We saw and photographed so many things that I have never seen before, mostly big stuff, like huge schools of Fuseliers, Trevaly jacks, big and little white tip reef sharks, bumphead wrasse, and….yes Big Bird! Yes we dove with manta rays! There were also turtles, masses of colorful reef fish, and a couple of divers were buzzed by a dolphin! There were also lots of small critters which I will show in another post.

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