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Save Bangka Island from Mining!

Posted by on Jul 22, 2012

Please help in the effort to prevent mining on this beautiful little Indonesian island where I have stayed and gone SCUBA diving. Currently there are white sand beaches, green lush jungle and healthy coral reefs. If they mine this island there will be nothing but raped bare dirt. Please watch the video and sign up using the link below to help prevent mining on Bangka Island.


Bangka Mining English from SaveBangkaIsland on Vimeo.

Sign up to protest the proposed Bangka Island mine at


A few images from my stay on Bangka Island.


I have more images from North Sulawesi, Indonesia (and other dive destinations) in my Underwater Galleries!

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Komodo Reef Fish Ballet

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012

While I was diving in Komodo Marine Park I was fascinated with the small reef fish. They were all different colors and they would swoop in and out of the coral in a choreographed fish ballet. Here are a few images of the reef fish dancing along the reef.


Reef Fish and Coral Gently Waving in the Current

Reef Fish and Coral Gently Waving in the Current


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SCUBA Seraya, Liberty Wreck, and Living Zen (or visiting it anyway).

Posted by on Jun 11, 2011

The next stop on our Bali/Komodo trip was SCUBA Seraya, located near the well-known dive area in East Bali, Tulamben. From the airport it took about three hours to drive there with the driver stopping a couple of times for us to photograph the scenery as we went. It really was a beautiful drive!
Rice Fields in East Bali

At Seraya we were greeting by the staff who hauled all our bags to our room; and us to the reception/dining area for a cold drink. We did the necessary paperwork and were shown to our room. After settling in and eating lunch we headed to the dive area where we tried on rental gear and helped our assigned dive guide, Wit, to set up our gear to our liking. For the rest of our stay we didn’t have to touch anything except our wetsuits, masks and snorkels, and cameras. The dive staff takes care of everything!

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Indo Siren, Komodo Dive Liveaboard

Posted by on Jun 4, 2011

Randy waves from the deck of the Indo Siren.

We went to Komodo with Worldwide Dive & Sail on board the Indo Siren. Our trip was only the third sailing of the Indo Siren. She is all fresh polished wood and shiny white paint with blue sails and canvas trim. There are three decks; the lower deck with passenger cabins(also kitchen, laundry, crew quarters etc.); the middle deck with salon, dive deck, and dining area; and the top sun deck (where there is no shade). 😉
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Bali Tourist Attractions and Vendors

Posted by on May 28, 2011

Today is our last full day in Bali. In Komodo, and at Seraya we were secluded from most of the Bali culture being on the boat and staying on the resort except for some walks on the beach while at Seraya. So the last few days in Ubud have been very interesting as we have been out and about interacting with people. Now I have to admit that we have been doing the tourist thing so probably not the real Bali culture but the “tourist facing” culture.

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