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Monterey Underwater Wave Rave

Posted by on Sep 15, 2012


Metridium Anemones

Metridium Anemones

On August 25 I got a group of divers together to participate in a Wave Rave, an event held to show support for our oceans, help stop shark finning and stop poaching. Organized by Sea Save Foundation, Wave Rave is a global event to unite for a common purpose – celebrate the ocean!

We had fun diving out to the Metridium Fields, seeing lots of jelly fish while we were out there and enjoying the marine life in the kelp forest and sand on our way. On the shore we enjoyed meeting some new friends and hanging out with some old friends and spreading the word about the issues our oceans face.

Here is a video with highlights of my dive that day!

Visit the Sea Save Foundation website to find out how you can help your ocean.


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Save Bangka Island from Mining!

Posted by on Jul 22, 2012

Please help in the effort to prevent mining on this beautiful little Indonesian island where I have stayed and gone SCUBA diving. Currently there are white sand beaches, green lush jungle and healthy coral reefs. If they mine this island there will be nothing but raped bare dirt. Please watch the video and sign up using the link below to help prevent mining on Bangka Island.


Bangka Mining English from SaveBangkaIsland on Vimeo.

Sign up to protest the proposed Bangka Island mine at


A few images from my stay on Bangka Island.


I have more images from North Sulawesi, Indonesia (and other dive destinations) in my Underwater Galleries!

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