Monterey Shootout, Winning and Non-winning Images

Posted by on Sep 26, 2011

Monterey Shootout, Winning and Non-winning Images

This is going to be a photo blog featuring a few images from the recent Monterey Shootout which I participated in. The shootout was organized jointly by the Northern California Underwater Photographic Society (NCUPS) and Berkley White (owner Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo). It was really fun although the diving was not the greatest. The film festival Saturday night had excellent presentations by top underwater photographers/videographers featuring big animals; whales, sharks, manta rays. So cool!

I’ve included a few images to show how green the water was, particularly at the metridium fields where we were trying to shoot wide-angle. And there was quite a bit of surf which is kind of unusual for the sites that we went to. But we still went in, swimming out through the surfers at Wharf II to the dive site. Under Wharf II the conditions were surgy and dark with variable visibility (1-5 feet maybe). And my mask kept flooding and Randy forgot his weight harness. Randy took some images at the surface and I held my mask tight to my face and went down for an approximately 23 minute dive. It was worth it!

I won second place in Advanced Macro Traditional and second place in Advanced Macro Unrestricted! Woohoo! I was eleventh in points and didn’t win a trip but did select the Aquatica housing for the Sony NEX 5 camera. I’m really excited because I had so much trouble with arm and shoulder strain on our trip and now will have the chance to try out a smaller system! I’m going
to rent first and try it out underwater to make sure I really want to trade my Nikon D300 (which I love) for the Sony NEX 5. But it was so exciting to have placed in such a tough competition especially with the trouble I had getting underwater in the first place.

So here are a few of the images from the weekend.