Indo Siren, Komodo Dive Liveaboard

Posted by on Jun 4, 2011

Randy waves from the deck of the Indo Siren.

We went to Komodo with Worldwide Dive & Sail on board the Indo Siren. Our trip was only the third sailing of the Indo Siren. She is all fresh polished wood and shiny white paint with blue sails and canvas trim. There are three decks; the lower deck with passenger cabins(also kitchen, laundry, crew quarters etc.); the middle deck with salon, dive deck, and dining area; and the top sun deck (where there is no shade). 😉

Me on the Sun Deck
We were in room, excuse me cabin, #3. The cabins are large and have beautiful hard wood floors and walls, and have individually controlled air-conditioning. There are plenty of built in cupboards and closets to put stuff in, and it didn’t take long for us to get unpacked and settled in. I really appreciated the small touches like the individual reading lights for each side of the bed with individual controls. It is so nice to have a good bright reading light. Unfortunately the pictures I took of our cabin were inadvertently erased (formatted the card without downloading-stuuuuupid), so I don’t have any pictures of the cabin.
Iwan and Rung (Chef and Dive Guide)
Randy and Tristan are ready to dive!
I have to mention the food as it was so good. The chef, Iwan, was great! One fun thing that Ewan did was to announce dinner. Either Iwan or one of the other kitchen staff would say “good evening everybody”. And we would all reply “good evening Iwan” in unison. Then each food dish was held up and Iwan or one of his assistants would explain what it was, where it originated from and whether it was spicy or not. Iwan would say “not spicy for me…for you who knows” and he would say that the mixed vegetables were “green beans, carrots and blah, blah, blah”. It was so funny!
Photo by Randy Herz
The dining area included a refrigerator with cold drinks (soda, tea, water, beer) in it, a hot and (sometimes) cold water dispenser and a cookie jar all available at any time of day or night. And the boat has a really cool coffee machine which dispensed large or small cups of coffee in whatever strength you like it. This, I wanted to bring home with me!


Frank and Roy dance the night away!

On board there were fun evenings spent with fellow passengers and some of the crew talking about that days diving, sharing of images on the large screen in the salon and dancing. The sound system was really nice with an iPod dock so anyone who wanted to could plug in their iPod and share their music. Which they did! Pole dancing was a favorite activity. Who knew what a great dancer Frank is, who entertained us with pole and ballroom dancing!

The salon was a great place not only to share images but to stretch out on the couches (real leather) and read or take a nap. It also has the camera tables in it (with lots of electric outlets for charging) and cubbies for each person on board to keep camera and/or dry personal gear in. The camera table where I worked on my camera tended to be really hot with no air flow at all, and I mentioned to Dan (cruise director) that I thought a ceiling fan might be a good thing there and…voila! The next day there was a fan.


The Salon


Crew and Guests

It really is a beautiful boat, and very well thought out as to the needs and wants of divers. We had a great time diving and I want to thank Worldwide Dive & Sail, especially Frank and the crew of the Indo Siren for making our vacation so much fun!

More details in my full trip report which will be published on
Komodo Marine Park Islands and Indo Siren from the top of Komodo Island.