Coming soon: Another SCUBA Diving Adventure

Posted by on Mar 13, 2016

Sister ship to the Philippine Siren.

My last SCUBA diving adventure was on the Palau Siren, sister ship to the Philippine Siren.

The next SCUBA diving adventure is coming soon! I’m heading to the Philippines to SCUBA dive Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park on the Philippine Siren with seven friends. We’ll be on the “extended” trip boarding the Philippine Siren in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island and disembarking at Cebu City, Cebu island. This adventure has been a long two years in the making, but it’s almost here, and before I know it I’ll be taking off from SFO headed to Manila. I’ve been saving my United miles and will be flying round trip to Manila using those miles, and on the way home I’ll be flying first class. Woohoo!

Map showing location of our SCUBA diving adventure. Image thanks to the Siren Fleet.

Map showing location of our SCUBA diving adventure. Image thanks to the Siren Fleet.

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is a remote collection of two coral atolls in the Sulu Sea that is only accessible from March through June (when the weather permits) that is known for its incredible coral reefs and marine biodiversity. The park consists of approximately 10,000 hectares of coral reef at the heart of the Coral Triangle, known for its beautiful coral and a high density of marine life including many endangered species (sharks, turtles, whales…). In addition to the Tubbataha Reefs we’ll visit Apo Island, Dauin, Sumilon Island, Pescador, Oslob, and Moalboal to name just a few of the famous dive sites! I am so excited to be diving such an amazing place! And we’ll be diving on the Philippine Siren, one of the luxury liveaboards owned and ran by Worldwide Dive & Sail.

An extra adventure to El Nido, Palawan! Due to the flights available when booking with miles I ended up arriving in Manila a few days earlier than I need to be. I considered options of what I can do (not really wanting to stay in town for three days) and decided to go to El Nido to check out that beautiful area of towering limestone cliffs. I’ll do a kayak tour through the islands around El Nido; Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Secret lagoon, how cool does that sound. My Sony in its housing is perfect for kayaking and snorkeling because it is so small and easily hand held. I’m staying at a nice looking hostel for a decent price with a private room and bath. The resort with the rooms over the water I wanted to stay at was $375 a night, sigh…a bit more than I can afford. And I’m flying to El Nido from Manila to save time and then will ride the bus from El Nido to Puerto Princesa. An extra adventure!

Getting ready for the trip. I’m at that point of trip preparedness where I’m getting my gear serviced and looking into either upgrading my laptop or trying to do a trip with only my iPad. My Sony NEX5 camera needs servicing and I am thinking about leaving the trusty Nikon D300 at home and taking a lighter weight camera with me for land photography. I have my packing down to a science and can go on a three-week trip with only one checked bag, my carry-on and a camera backpack but am taking flights on some smaller airplanes where baggage weight is restricted. The dilemma is not whether I want to pay overweight charges, but how much do I want to pay in overweight charges, and honestly how much weight I want to pack around on my back. So many decisions to make before departure day!

I’ll be making updates to my blog as I am able before I go and while traveling. Parts of the trip will be completely unplugged. No “cloud” in the Sulu Sea, haha. So keep an eye here and on my Facebook page, for photos and updates on the journey.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment here or on the Facebook page (which will probably get faster replies).

See you in the water!


The Philippine Siren
Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park