Colorful Sunsets in Yosemite National Park

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011

Colorful Sunsets in Yosemite National Park

Last month I made reservations in one of our favorite places, Yosemite National Park, for an “all U can heat” Camp Curry tent cabin during the full moon and off we went for the weekend. The “all U can heat” special runs for only certain dates. You pay what the temperature was the night before plus $20. This is a great deal! Camp Curry was sold out Friday and Saturday nights for that weekend, so we stayed at the Yosemite Inn in Mariposa on Saturday and checked into Camp Curry on Sunday. Monday was a holiday so we were able to stay for an extra day. It is so nice to live close enough to go to such an amazing place like Yosemite for the weekend.

Sunset on Half Dome

Sunset on Half

Saturday afternoon we drove all the way Mariposa to Glacier Point to photograph the sunset and then all the way back after the sun set. It was a long drive and really late by the time we headed back to Mariposa and of course we didn’t have anything to eat. Luckily a cafe in Mariposa let us come in and eat even though technically they were closed. Although we found Mariposa too far to stay from Yosemite for an entire stay for one night it was ok and it’s a nice little town with plenty of motels and some nice places to eat.

At Glacier Point the moon rose before the sunset and so it was not bright enough for a really good shot. However, there were beautiful colors in the sky just after sunset which the ranger attributed to an effect called Raley’s Scatter, a byproduct of smog in the SF Bay Area.

On Sunday we checked into our Camp Curry tent cabin. We unloaded sleeping bags and other stuff we didn’t need in the car and headed back to Glacier Point for sunset. This time there were clouds and the full moon hid behind them when it first came up but we got some very colorful clouds and the moon was sighted, and photographed later in the evening.

The next day it rained and we had some interesting moments trying photograph the valley in the rain. We had a great time even though it rained that one day and we got some nice photographs.Fall Rain in Yosemite Valley

Visit my Yosemite Gallery to see more photographs of the weekend. See you in magical amazing Yosemite!


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